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Hey there - 

Jeff here from Dakota Adventure Supply with some quick updates on our products. Let's get into it.

The Mini-Kephart Knife: A Limited Edition Legacy


We've got a new knife coming out. It's a limited edition mini-Kephart knife made by a skilled local bladesmith. We're only making 25 of these, so they're pretty special. If you want to know when we open the deposit, sign up here.

The Waxed Canvas Tote: Ruggedly Sophisticated

We're looking to release a waxed canvas version of our Adventure Tote 44. The upgraded material will add waterproofing to the list of benefits.

The Waxed Canvas Blanket Roll: Versatility Unrolled

We're also working on a waxed canvas blanket roll. It's easy to carry, versatile, and pairs well with our tote. You can even use it as a carrier. Keep an eye out for it.

We're excited about these products and hope you are too. Your support means a lot to us, and we can't wait to hear what you think of the new gear.

Thanks for sticking with us. 

Yours in Comradery!


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